Goldie, our original Texas Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Dams

Texas Labradoodles Annie


Gold mini Labradoodle

Annie is a daughter of Zelda and Jax. She has one of the best temperments we have had in a mini. She’s a tiny girl, weighing 20 lbs, but she is full of joy and love like every Australian Labradoodle should be. We are so blessed to have this precious girl as part of the Texas Labaradoodles family.

Texas Labradoodles Lyra Silvertongue AKA Ruby


Red Australian Labradoodle

Ruby is such a happy, gorgeous girl. We are so grateful to have this true Ruby red lady as part of the Texas Labradoodles family. She is happy, easy-going and so loving, she’s a true joy to have around. Everything we could hope for in an Australian Labradoodle.

South Texas Vivi Calkins AKA Lucy


Lavender Australian Labradoodle

Lucy is a rare coloring called Lavender. She started as chocolate as a puppy, and then began to silver before one year of age. This coloring is different than cafe, but similar in the way it looks. She’s just as sweet as she is beautiful and we are thrilled to have her in our Texas Labradoodles family.


Texas Labradoodles Ginger Spice


Ginger is a multi-generational authentic Australian Labradoodle and she is such a special girl. She comes from our standard bloodline, Dotty is her grandmother, Fiona is her mother and Max is her father. She’s a perfect combination of all of these fantastic dogs. We are so honored and grateful to be stewards of these amazing dogs and our thirteen years of experience breeding these wonderful companions shows through in this wonderful girl.


Texas Labradoodles

Goldie’s Sweet Pearl “Popi”

ALAA 053040

Popi is a multi-generational authentic Australian Labradoodle and has one of the best coats we’ve ever seen. This girl is the perfect combination of wavy fleece with loose curls with gorgeous big brown eyes that melt your heart. Although she is a professional sock thief, she loves retrieving anything you throw for her. This girl is a sweetheart! Popi is a small medium at 32 lbs

Mini chocolate Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Cocoa Puff



Cocoa is our precious girl from Zelda (thanks to Downunder Labradoodles for our sweet girl Zelda) and Dutch (thanks to Dixie’s Doodles and Legenradary Labradoodles for sharing this great boy with us). Cocoa is the result of extraordinary breeding and exactly why we love raising these amazing dogs. This sweet girl weighs 25 lbs. She’s a beautiful, kind dog that always aims to please us. What a blessing.

cream colored Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Mabel Rosa Lee



Our precious Moe is a daughter of Ruby and Oliver (from Downunder Labradoodles). Moe has turned out to be one of the sweetest, easiest going dogs we’ve ever had. We always love it when she comes from her guardian family to stay with us. She loves to go in the car, go teach Pilates with Mardee or watch tv on the couch. She is an absolute love bug and as soft as silk. Another incredible blessing to our breeding program.

chocolate Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Daenerys Targaryen

AKA Dani




 Dani is the daughter of our precious Fiona, a granddaughter of Dotty, one of our first girls and the daughter of Max. She is a very smart, very playful and lovable girl. We are thrilled to have such an excellent example of our originial bloodlines carry on the great tradition of beauty, trainability and sweetness of her grandmother and mother and the very best of a Texas Labradoodles dog.

Texas Labradoodles Sires

Cream Labradoodle


Texas Labradoodles Axel


Cream Boy Labradoodle

Axel is a beautiful, sweet, kind and loving boy. He’s tall at 21 inches (at the shoulder) and weighs 45 lbs. He has a caramel ice wavy fleece coat and a beautiful teddy bear face with dark eyes and a black nose. We are so grateful to have this boy in our breeding program.

carmel Australian Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Canis Leo



Beautiful Leo is the son of our sweet Ginger. We are absolutely thrilled with his good looks and fun temperament. He is always happy, ready to play and ready to cuddle. We are grateful to have this handsome boy in our breeding program.

Apricot Parti Labradoodle

Downunder’s Sundance


Sundance is our golden sweet boy. He has gorgeous parti markings with lots of white. He is one of the sweetest, smartest dogs we’ve ever had. Thanks to Butch Charlton with Downunder Labradoodles for this precious addition to our family.

apricot and white parti Australian Labradoodle
Chocolate and white parti boy

Downunder’s Butch Cassidy AKA Indie


If a dog can be sexy, our Indie fits the bill! He’s so good-looking and we are so excited to meet his future babies!! What a great addition to our dogs. We are grateful, once again, to Butch Charlton of Downunder Labradoodles for this phenomenal boy.

Chocolate and White Australian Labradoodle
Dark Red Australian Labradoodle

Texas Labradoodles Pantalaimon AKA Riley


Riley is one of the most handsome boys we’ve ever had!

We are so excited to see lots of great looking red babies

from this precious mini boy.

Red Australian Labradoodle
black Australian Labradoodle


Texas Labradoodles Les Paul




Duke has the coat of my dreams, glossy, wavy black that looks and feels like velvet. He is such a sweetheart and amazing family dog. We are so proud of this stunning boy.

Texas Labradoodles Sires and Dams


“Bo” ALAA-066967

Texas Labradoodles Dumbledore

Bo is the son of Zelda and Dixie’s Dutch. He is a mini, weighing 20 lbs. He is apricot cream with white markings. Bo has the most wonderful temerpament. He is comfortable wherever he goes and he is SO laid back. Bo lives in a guardian home in Austin with his wonderful family and three children he adores. We are thrilled to have him as one of our main sires.


Downunder’s Maximillion Sol


Max is a multi-generational authentic Australian Labradoodle and he is a precious, funny and wonderful old soul, thanks to Butch Charleton for this outstanding boy! He has a fantastic fleece curly coat, which is the perfect compliment to our girls loose wavy coats. Max’s is temperament is one of the best we’ve seen. He’s confident, incredibly smart and very funny, as is expected with Australian Labradoodles.