Pricing and Reserve

Our dogs are $3000
A $500 deposit reserves a puppy and the $2500 balance is due when your puppy is 6-7 weeks old.

Texas Labradoodles Pricing and Puppy Reservation information.

Your Puppy gets a “Go Home” bag. This bag contains:

  • The puppy’s patient chart from our vet
  • Your puppy’s microchip information
  • Trupanion puppy insurance option
  • Life’s Abundance dog food
  • Puppy treats
  • A toy or blanket that smells like mom and littermates

Puppy Care

Texas Labradoodles puppies are spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, have age appropriate shots, worming, and a two year health guarantee against genetic defects. Please refer to our puppy checklist for more information about how to prepare for your new puppy.

Question and Answer

Are all puppies spayed/neutered at 8 weeks old?

Yes, we do not let a puppy leave our care unless it is spayed/neutered or has been designated as a breeding dog. We believe this is the most responsible way to breed dogs. If all puppies were spayed/neutered before leaving their homes the incidence of unwanted litters would be reduced to nothing, therefore, reducing the number of dogs in shelters to a minimum.

Is it safe to spay/neuter puppies at 8 weeks old?

Our vet feels this is a safe and responsible to do early spays and neuters, as does the ALAA. We have been doing early spays and neuters for almost 14 years and never had a problem, so we do feel that we know this is a safe and responsible practice.

What shots do they have at 8 weeks old?

The first round of shots that our vet gives at 8 weeks old is the DHPP. This begins the building of the immune system independent of mom’s antibodies. The most important and common diseases that are dangerous for dogs in Texas are Parvo and Distemper.

What is the shot schedule for puppies and how many shots do they need?
  • 6-8 weeks old – DHPP
  • 9-11 weeks old – DHPP booster, Bordetella vaccine (kennel cough)
  • 12-14 weeks old – Rabies vaccine, DHPP booster, Bordetella booster

Click here for the recommended schedule for the state of Texas

Have the puppies been wormed?

Yes, our vet worms every puppy at 8 weeks old to avoid any false negative worming tests. This lets us be 100% sure our puppies leave our home parasite-free.

When do they start heart worm preventative?

Our vet recommends they start Heartguard at 8-10 weeks old and that they take Heartguard once a month. Heartguard prevents heart worms, as well as protects your dog from other common canine parasites that are easily found in soil or transmitted by fleas.

When do you recommend starting flea and tick prevention?

I personally do not like to treat my dogs for fleas and ticks unless we see a flea or tick, which has been rare over the years. I do believe it’s best to keep things as natural as possible. That being said, I do keep a dose of Frontline around in the spring and summer months so that if we see anything, we can treat quickly.  I do not like any of the chewable flea and tick preventives with the exception of Bravecto. We did have a tick outbreak about 5 years ago and no organic options were working. It became dangerous not to do an oral treatment due to tick-born illnesses. The reason I find Bravecto acceptable is because it has been tested on gestating and lactating females and found to be safe. Again, I would use Frontline only if I saw a flea or tick and then if I had a problem with ticks, I would use Bravecto for treatment because of the testing for safety by the company.

Health Testing

All of our breeding dogs are tested through the Orthopedic Association Foundation for hips and elbows. In addition to these standard test, we also test our dogs via Paw Print genetics for potential genetic health issues that could be passed to offspring. All of our breeding dogs are certified for breeding through the ALAA before being bred. Contact us today for more information. 

Due to our high standards of testing, socialization, bloodlines and breeding for temperament and intelligence, we are confident that a Texas Labradoodles bred dog is the very best of our breed and all dogs.

Getting to know our families is one of our favorite things about raising these amazing dogs, so it’s important to us that we take the time to ensure our dogs go to wonderful families. This attention to detail has brought us countless stories of incredible people that we’ve met by sharing our precious dogs.

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Puppy Reservations

Please complete the form below to reserve one of our special Labradoodle puppies. Our first and foremost goal is to match every puppy to the perfect family. Schedule a phone visit and learn more about bringing home your Labradoodle puppy using the form below.